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Different Approaches to Learning

Different students require different approaches to learning.  At My Online English Lesson, I use my knowledge and experience of teaching to cater for all different learning styles.  What type of learner are you?

Lights in the Dark
Man Listening to Headphones

Are You an Audio Learner?

When learning a new language, Audio Learners prefer to learn by listening and then verbalizing.  They like to listen to explanations rather than reading texts.  Audio Learners enjoy learning with audio materials such as videos, podcasts, music, oral presentations, discussions, and one-to-one conversations. 

Are You A Visual Learner?

Visual Learners prefer to learn by using words and phrases that evoke visual images.  When learning a new language, Visual Learners enjoy using illustrations, videos, visuals, and pictures.

Blue Eyes
Black Puzzle Pieces

Are You A Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic Learners are learners who learn by using all their senses.  These learners enjoy learning through trial and error.  They prefer to use problem-solving tasks and activities when learning a new language.

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