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Individualized Learning Plans 

During your FREE 15 minute consultation, I’ll assess your level of spoken English, your range of vocabulary, and your pronunciation.  I’ll also identify your learning needs and learning style, the kind of activities you enjoy doing, and the ones you find most difficult.  Your  FREE consultation will be an opportunity for you to discover the things you do well, and to learn about the areas you need to improve upon.


If you decide to book a course of online English lessons with me, I'll create an Individualized Learning Plan especially for you.  Based on your grammatical and linguistic strengths and weaknesses, your Individualized Learning Plan will be devised and customized solely for you.        

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It'll be a week-by-week program aimed at improving your receptive and productive skills, grammatical accuracy, vocabulary range, and pronunciation.  You'll be given step-by-step guidance on how to overcome those language obstacles that have often held you back and stopped you from becoming a confident and successful English user. 

I am positive that after a short course of online English lessons with me, your accuracy, fluency and command of English will start to improve dramatically!

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