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"Ann's a very professional teacher.  I stopped having English lessons with a local English academy because I felt the teachers weren't motivating me enough.  And so, I decided to try a private English teacher.  I think that was the right decision because with Ann's help, I managed to pass the Cambridge (B2) First Certificate Exam.  Grammar was my weakest point and thanks to her and her clear explanations, I managed to improve how I performed in the 'Use of English' part of the exam.  In our Conversation lessons, we practiced speaking by using lots of different visuals and photos, and we discussed a range of interesting topics.  She taught me lots of useful vocabulary and gave me pointers for the exam.  We had an hour's lesson once a week for three years and it didn't feel like it was hard work.  On the contrary, I really looked forward to Ann's lessons.  I used to find English difficult but thanks to Ann, I don't anymore!  That's why I highly recommend her."

Lucia del Cerro, Marketing Student, 20 years old, Spain

"I had lessons with Ann for a year. I highly recommend her because not only is she very funny and outgoing, but she's also a very good teacher who really focuses on your goals.  In my case, she really helped me to improve my speaking and listening skills.  In a very short time, I noticed an improvement in my fluency and understanding.  Her lessons were dynamic and focused on engaging topics such as the news or hobbies.  We also carried out many useful and interesting reading and writing exercises.  I really enjoyed her lessons because her personality helps to make them both entertaining and useful.  I hope to have lessons with you again soon Ann."   

Miguel Arjona, Senior Financial Auditor, Spain

"Ann is one of the best teachers I’ve ever studied English with.  Thanks to her, I managed to pass the Cambridge B2 exam and get excellent grades in English at school.  She’s a very attentive and thoughtful teacher.  Although she pushes and challenges you, she always has a smile for her students.   In fact, thanks to the level of English I acquired from her lessons, I got a scholarship to travel to the US for a month.  I still remember the joy on Ann's face when I told her the news! I highly recommend having classes with Ann because you learn something new every day.  You’ll want to book more lessons and learn more with Ann because her lessons will give you a solid foundation when it comes to speaking and understanding English".

Cati Peña, Law Student, 18 years old, Spain

"Ann is the best teacher I've had so far in my eight years of studying English.  She's very personable and professional and gives you lots of encouragement and support.  This helped me a lot because I never got embarrassed talking to her in English.   Thanks to her style of teaching, even when I was doing an exam, it felt like I was just in another lesson with Ann.  She always gives you the opportunity to choose what you want to improve and advises you on what you should work on.  The lessons are very enjoyable. In every lesson, she focuses on a part of the exam.  When she teaches you a grammar structure, she first teaches you the theory and gives you very specific examples that will help you have a clear understanding.  Then she helps you with exam-type exercises, unless you want to practice something else.  With the listening part of the exam, she pauses and replays the recording so that you can understand it.  If you still don't understand it, she then gives you the tape-script so you can read and listen at the same time.  Ann always highlights key vocabulary and pronunciation which makes it easier to understand the listening exercise.  For the written part of the exam, she gives you many tips and structures which you can follow, as well as useful vocabulary.  She then gives you writing exercises to do which she corrects.  Thanks to her corrections, I don't find writing in English difficult anymore.  As for homework, Ann's very flexible, but in my case, she would always recommend exercises for me to do on my own in order to reinforce everything she had taught me that day in class.  In short, I think she's a very good teacher.  From my point of view, she deserves so much credit.  The only disappointment for me was that the classes were too short!"​

 Maria Prieto, Law Student, 21 years old, Spain

"Ann is a brilliant teacher and I enjoyed studying with her. My goal was to be able to speak English fluently with proper pronunciation.  She taught me how to pronounce English words properly with her beautiful British accent. She also taught me many words and expressions that are used by native speakers. It is because of her my English skills have improved a lot."

Kaori Kiki Kimura, PR, Marketing & Exhibitions Manager, 28 years old, Japan

"Last year, I was preparing for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (C1) and I noticed that I needed extra help with the Speaking and Listening parts of the exam, so I contacted Ann.  In her classes, she helped me to improve my performance in these two parts, and she also helped me with other aspects of grammar that I had doubts with.  Ann also corrected my written work and gave me ideas on how to improve my writing skills.  We had some online English lessons via Skype, and they were very effective.  One of the things I like most about Ann is her ability to adapt to your needs.  She always prepares her lessons taking into account your weak points.  Her lessons helped me a lot and, in fact, I passed the CAE exam in last year."

Isabel Gemar Trillo, Classics & Spanish Literature Teacher, 43 years old, Spain

“Ann used to teach me English.  For me, learning English became very easy thanks to her teaching techniques. She’s such a helpful teacher who really enjoys helping her students to succeed.  She gave me a lot of help with some areas such as grammar and pronunciation.  She really motivated me, and I loved having lessons with her.  If I had to learn English again, I would want to learn from Ann.  Before I learned English, I was a housewife, but after a course of lessons with Ann, my self-confidence really grew, and I’ve now opened my own retail company selling kitchenware.  I really feel my English has improved a lot because of Ann.  I’m also now able to help many of my friends who don’t speak English with their paperwork.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn English.”

Burcu Incekara, Retail Business Owner, 40 years old, Turkey

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